Parlex PA235655 Alternator Rectifier

Alternator Rectifier Mercedes-Benz

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Remy (delco) 235655
HC-Cargo RES11317
CARGO 235655
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Applicable Units/Vehicles
DELCO 10480407
DELCO 10480408
DELCO 10480485
DELCO 10480493
DELCO 10480494
DELCO 10480500
DELPHI 10480403
DELPHI 10480404
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Physical information
Diode Amp. [ A ] 50
B+H. [ mm ] 16.40
B+d. [ mm ] M8X1.25
A OD mm 130.04
B ID mm 39.49
B+ type Bolt
D B+/threaded M8/15.90
Diode w/o
Diode type Zener
Capacitor w/o
No. of diodes 12