Parlex PM847A Alternator Regulator

Alternator Regulator

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Hyundai / Kia KI0308K
Hyundai / Kia 37370-42300
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Applicable Units/Vehicles
Hyundai / Kia 3730042470
Hyundai / Kia AF111382
Kia 37300-42360
Kia 37300-42456
Kia 37300-42457
Kia 37300-42458
Kia 37300-42459
Kia 37300-42471
Kia 37300-4A002
Kia 37300-4A003
Kia 37300-4A110
Kia 37300-4A111
Kia 37300-4A112
Kia 37300-4X002
Kia 37300-4X003
Kia 37300-4X501
Kia 37300-4X502
Kia 37300-4X503
Kia 37300-42359
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Voltage 14
Dist. mount. holes mm 50.00
Terminal type L-S